Total Body Detox


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  • Iron & Blood Purifier;
  • Colon & GI Tract Cleanse;
  • Mama;
  • Baba;
  • Lymphatic Flush;
  • Parasite Cleanse;
  • Brain-Central Nervous System & Lungs Tonic.

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    Your body is one huge system of billions of smaller systems that work together at any given moment. If one system is affected due to a lack of what the systems require (mainly minerals) or an overload of harmful substances (mainly toxins from acidic foods trapped by mucus and inflammation, heavy metals, and chemicals) a disease becomes present. These conditions can affect us all the way to DNA levels and issues like leukemia are observed on cellular levels and issues like other cancers occur.
    Overload of especially heavy metals is deadly to the organs and mainly the brain which causes issues like autism, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis among other neurological issues. The colon is usually the first system to be corrupted by heavy starches, animal products, hybrid, and Gmo plants. Due to inorganic substances, the glands are affected causing hormonal imbalances and thrown off metabolism. Excessive mucus can cause brain freeze, sinuses issues, respiratory issues among others. Toxins overload causes inflammation and joint pains. Clogged lymph nodes cause metabolic waste back up which can lead to lymphoma issues and other cancers. Unnatural foods cause system blockages and plaque build-up, this causes headaches, strokes, and seizures due to lack of enough oxygen. It’s important to clean up the entire body on a cellular level. This brings back the homeostasis that the body needs to function.

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