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Growing Seamoss

Growing Sea moss.

  • Seamoss do not usually grow on sand or soft papa rock because the unstable surface does not provide an adequate hold.
  • Seamoss attaches itself on rocks. Farmers who farm seamoss attach it to strings and use some type of mechanism to hold it in place.
  • Seaweeds have no need for roots or internal canals to conduct water and nutrients. What look like roots in some types in fact serve only as an anchor, called the holdfast.
  • As in green plants, photosynthesis enables seaweeds to convert sunlight into chemical energy, which is then bound by the formation of the sugar glucose. Glucose is the building block for the seaweeds’ carbohydrates and, at the same time, an energy source for the production of other organic substances that the seaweeds need in order to grow and to carry out life processes.
  • The photosynthetic process uses up carbon dioxide, which is thereby removed from the water. In addition, phosphorous, a variety of minerals, and especially nitrogen are required. Oxygen is formed as a by-product, dissolved in the water, and then released into the atmosphere.
  • This by-product is of fundamental importance for those organisms that must, like humans, have oxygen to be able to breathe.
  • Photosynthesis can even, to a certain extent, be carried out when seaweeds are exposed to air and partially dehydrated.
  • The ocean is dense with minerals since most of the world fossils and minerals end up back in the ocean. Minerals can’t be destroyed and at the end of it all, only minerals remains.
  • Seamoss soaks up most of this minerals from the ocean and convert them into a state that we can assimilate with in accordance to the minerals already in us. Seamoss has around 92 out of roughly 103 minerals that the body needs to thrive.
  • The overall effect of seaweeds on the global ecosystem is enormous. It is estimated that all algae, including the phytoplankton, are jointly responsible for producing 90 percent of the oxygen in the atmosphere and up to 80 percent of the organic matter on Earth.
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  • I give thanks to The Creator and all of Creation
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