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Signs that your colon needs cleansing

  • Feeling bloated.
  • Feeling dizzy.
  • Sudden/frequent headaches.
  • Body pains.
  • Low energy, sluggish and sleepy feelings.
  • Mood swings.
  • Body odor and bad breath.


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    African Sea Moss

    African Sea Moss
  • Sea moss, an alga that has been scientifically proven to promote cellular rejuvenation, healthy weight loss, help you build lean muscle, raise up energy and metabolism as well as super-charge & boost your immune system can change your entire lifestyle forever.
  • It’s known to have over 92 vital minerals that your body is made of. One serving of sea moss provides most of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs in a day to be its healthiest.
  • To know more, book your consultation here…
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    Understanding Tonsils

    Tonsils and the Role they play in the body;

  • The tonsils prevent foreign objects from slipping into the lungs. Think of them as goalies for the throat.
    They also filter bacteria and viruses. On top of all that, they produce white blood cells and antibodies
  • According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, these bumps on the back of the throat are the “first line of defense as part of the immune system.”
    For example, tonsils sample bacteria and viruses entering the body through the mouth or nose and flush them using lymph.
  • Lymph is a clear and colorless fluid; the name comes from the Latin word lympha, which means “connected to water,” according to the National Lymphadema.
    It’s necessary for the lymphatic system to be open and functioning properly to remove this bacterias and viruses that do not belong in the body.
  • Inflammation of the tonsils is common among children.
    This is due to the introduction stage of different microbes in the environment.
    If the child lymphatic system is not functioning properly, a back up of this microbes causes the tonsils to swell up. Gargling with salt can reduce the inflammation.
  • Making sure the lymphatic system is functioning properly is essential.
    Fruits and especially watery fruits are great for the lymphatic system.
  • Children inherits there lymphatic systems from there mother.
    Most children has lymphatic issues. It shows up as infections of different places like eyes, ears and rashes on the skin.
  • Another sign that the baby is not receiving a good diet is excessive mucus and especially in the chest.
  • Dairy products and animal products combined with complex starches clogs up the lymphatic system. Seamoss is a great cleanse of the lymphatic system.
  • If you have any consultations about Tonsils, please book your consultation below;
  • If you have any questions concerning Tonsils, let us know more about them by filling out the form below;
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    Diabetes Overview;
  • The body does not produce any, or enough insulin or is not able to utilize the insulin properly. Insulin is secreted by the pancreas from beta cells found in the pancreas. Insulin is a hormone that helps the glucose to get in the cells to give them energy.
  • Carbohydrates are broken down into glucose and passed into the blood.Insulin is released in response to rising glucose in the bloodstream.
  • Due to consumption of acidic, mucus forming foods especially foods high in carbohydrates, the pancreas get affected and its homeostasis process is disrupted. This in turn affects the process of cell energy metabolism. When this happens they label you as pre-diabetic or diabetic.
  • The main source of energy is carbohydrates. This can be further broken down to glucose, sucrose and fructose. Glucose mainly comes from grains. Most grains have been hybridized and genetically modified(gmo).
  • This includes white wheat, potatoes, corn, most beans, most nuts etc. Starch is a chemical used to bind two plants of different molecular structures in order to create a third or a different plant.
  • Starch is very complex and the body is unable to break it down to cellular level. Diabetes can lead to peripheral artery disease (PAD). PAD causes your blood vessels to narrow and reduces blood flow to your legs and feet.
  • It may also cause nerve damage, known as peripheral neuropathy. This could prevent you from feeling pain. If you can’t feel pain, you may not realize you have a wound or ulcer on your feet.
  • You may continue putting pressure on the affected area, which can cause it to grow and become infected. Reduced blood flow can slow wound healing.
  • It can also make your body less effective at fighting infection. As a result, your wound may not heal. Tissue damage or death (gangrene) may occur, and any existing infection may spread to your bone.
  • If the infection cannot be stopped or the damage is irreparable, amputation may be necessary. The most common amputations in people with diabetes are the toes, feet, and lower legs.
  • Most carbohydrates have starch in them and the measuring scale is called the glycemic index. The higher a product is on a scale of 0-100, the more modified it is. 55 and lower is considered a safe glycemic index and safe for diabetics.
  • Below are some examples:
      1. Spelt flour -44
      2. Corn flour -70
      3. Wheat flour -85
      4. Sorghum -70
      5. White rice-72
      6. Kamut -44
      7. Quinoa -54
      8. Wild rice – 45
      9. Potatoes – 80
      10. White sugar 65
      11. Agave nectar (from cactus plant) 17
      12. Honey 60
  • Bitter melons increases insulin sensitivity and can restore functions to damaged pancreases cells.
  • Prickly pears cactus plant is capable of decreasing the blood sugar levels and can be very beneficial to people with diabetes.
  • The nopal has an antihyperglycemic effect that prevents the elevation of glucose, helping the pancreas to not overproduce insulin. Removing of complex starches is necessary to prevent and to reverse this thing called diabetes.
  • Fructose which is the energy from mostly fruits is metabolized by the liver and so it does not need insulin for cells to use it. The fruits must be alkaline wild seeded fruits.
  • If you are suffering with this condition, please reach out to me, so we can discuss how we can help moving forward. Thank you so much.
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    Intermittent fasting

    Intermittent fasting1


    • Intermittent fasting (IF) is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. It is currently one of the world’s most popular health and fitness trend. People are using it to lose weight, improve their health and simplify their lifestyles.

      Intermittent fasting Procedure;

      This should be done for 2 weeks:

    1. Eat between the hours of 8am- 6pm.( this can be decreased or adjusted to fit ones needs,10 hours should be the maximum eating window)
    2. The first 0-4 hours of breaking the fast( breakfast) one should consume liquids. Warm liquids are preferable, avoid ice cold drink. Herbal teas are great to consume. Home made juices and smoothies are excellent to consume at this time. An occasional fruit is also ok. Raw coconut water is great at this time. Sea moss is also great around this time. Herbal compounds should also be taken with spring water. After 2 hours of mainly liquids, fruits are ok to consume. Stick to mainly mono fruits or fruits of the same type, berries together, melons together e.t.c
    3. From 4-6 hours of breaking a fast is when the heavy foods should be consumed. Cooked foods, grains, flours, approved nuts-seeds ,baked and fried foods. It’s advisable to stick to single foods as much as possible or foods of the same class. Mono foods are great to help to keep the digestion process going smooth. For example one can eat quinoa with one type of side like mushrooms or spelt bread with chickpeas soup.( do not mix a wide variety of different foods together, veggies are mainly ok to mix since they are easy to digest). Do not eat fruits after heavy meals since they digest quicker and will start to ferment on top of the solid cooked food. Fruits and salads should be consumed as appetizers.Baked Alkaline deserts are ok as long as they don’t have fruits as ingredients.
    4. From 6-10 hours, consume mainly light steamed veggies, raw veggies like salads and liquids like fruits, vegetables smoothies and homemade juices. Drink plenty of spring water, raw coconut water. Fruits are ok to consume. Your last meal should be at least 2 hours before bedtime. Herbal teas are great to drink in the last part of the day. Teas with calming effect like the blue vervain are great.

    N.B- If you can’t find raw coconut water, opt for the 100% coconut water in a box. Never drink from an aluminum can. Only foods on the nutritional guide or native foods should be consumed.


      This should be done for 2 weeks:

    1. The first 0-4 hours of breaking the fast( breakfast) one should consume liquids. Warm liquids are preferable, avoid ice cold drink. Herbal teas are great to consume. Home made fruit juices and smoothies are excellent to consume at this time. An occasional fruit is also ok. Raw coconut water is great at this time. Sea moss is also great around this time. Herbal compounds should also be taken with spring water. After 2 hours of mainly liquids, fruits are ok to consume. Stick to mainly mono fruits or fruits of the same type, berries together, melons together e.t.c
    2. From 4-6 hours of waking up or breaking a fast, consume raw veggies like salads, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms or any foods on the list that can be consumed while raw. It’s advisable to consume mono foods to make the digestion process smooth. Different foods can be consumed within an hour or two intervals. For example one can consume some kale salad and then consume a zucchini salad In about an hour to ensure the digestion of the kale first. Make home made dressings for salads. Avocados, onions, cilantro, hempseed milk and lime are a great base for a dressing. You can use any approved foods on the alkaline list. Sprouted greens like amaranth are great to consume at this time. Drink plenty of spring water. Avoid eating fruits. Home made vegetable, fruits juices and smoothies are ok to consume. An occasional steamed veggies can also be consumed. Approved nuts and seeds can also be consumed around this time.
    3. From 6-10 hours of breaking your fast, fruits, home made juices and smoothies can be consumed. Herbal teas are great to consume at this time. Dry fruits are also great to consume as snacks.

    N.B- Herbal teas, coconut water, sea moss and spring water can be taken all through out the day.


      This should be done for 2-4 weeks:

    1. The first 0-4 hours of breaking the fast( breakfast) one should consume liquids. A master cleanse consisting of ginger, key lime and a sprinkle of cayenne is great to electrify the system. Warm liquids are preferable, avoid ice cold drink. Herbal teas are great to consume. Home made juices like tamarind, seeded grapes and watermelon are great. Smoothies from berries and hard fruits like mangoes and papayas are also good. Sea moss,room temperature to warm spring water are great to take at this time. Herbal compounds should also be taken around this time.
    2. 4-6 hours of breaking a fast-vegetable juices and smoothies can be taken around this time. ( juices are preferable) raw coconut water and spring water. Herbal teas can also be consumed.
    3. 6-10 hours of breaking a fast:- fruit juices are great to consume. Fruit smoothies are also ok. Juices are more preferable. Mangoes smoothies has calming effects and there smoothies can be consumed. Herbal teas are great to drink around this time. Avoid laxatives juices and smoothies like tamarind, prunes and papaya. This should be consumed in the first part of the day. Ginger can be added to herbal tea and helps greatly with inflammation.

    N.B- juicing can be extended to longer periods past the recommended time frame depending on what one hopes to achieve. I have seen people juice for as long as 2 years.

      Breaking a juice fast:-

      This should be done for at least 3 days.

    • The first 0-4 hours of breaking the fast (breakfast) one should consume liquids. Warm liquids are preferable, avoid ice cold drink. Herbal teas are great to consume. Home made juices like tamarind, seeded grapes and watermelon are great. Smoothies from berries and hard fruits like mangoes and papayas are also good. Sea moss,room temperature to warm spring water are great to take at this time. Herbal compounds should also be taken around this time.
    • From 4-8 hours of waking up,one can consume raw fruits and veggies. Dry fruits and approved seeds can also be eaten.steamed veggies are also ok. Avoid heavy cooked foods and stick to mainly raw foods. Small portioned should be observed.( one might feel the urge to overeat, restrain from doing so and drink more liquids at this time.
    • From 8-10 hours of breaking the fast, one can consume fruits, juices, smoothies and approved nuts. Remember to observe portion. Avoid overeating.
  • After 3 days of the above process, light grains like Quinoa,wild rice, amaranth, chickpeas, and butternut squash can be introduced to the diet. Follow the intermittent regiment and try to eat mostly on mono foods procedure to make sure the digestive system works smoothly. The intermittent process should be adapted as a daily routine from this point in. The above process can be repeated after going for a while or when one has been slipping and consuming substances that are not approved due to whatever circumstances especially after the holidays.
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    Understanding Cancerous Cells;

    Overview on Cancer;

    This is my personal observations, research and understanding.

    What is cancer?
  • Cancer is the extreme acidosis that has accumulated around a particular organ or tissue.
    This means that the cells around this particular area has bonded together with toxins from acidic foods that we are consuming.
  • c1
  • These cells are also binding with chemicals that we are exposed to from ingesting, breathing in or skin exposure.
  • Cells are constantly regenerating and dying off. Cells that refuses to die off becomes cancerous and survive from feeding on acidic foods.
  • Hormonal cancers are brought about due to inorganic hormones present in the body e.g inorganic estrogen Like the ones from soy.
  • Chemicals found in hair, skin and hygiene products interact with the body and creates an imbalance in the hormonal system which can produce hormonal cancerous cells.
  • The dead cells are removed from the body through the lymphatic system and out the body through the lymph nodes.(this is the reason why they take a piece of the lymph to test for cancer. This is also the reason why most cancers are found around the lymph nodes and the rest are found around the organs where the cell regeneration takes place).
  • If your lymphatic system is not operating properly, there is the potential of acidosis(cancer) occurring.
  • The lymphatic system is comprised of the skin and kidneys and both this organs needs to be functioning properly to expel acids and dead cells from the body.
    To Eliminate this acidosis( cancer) one needs to first stop what caused it in the first place.
  • Remove acidic food and chemicals exposure from your body, this includes hygiene products and medications.
    If you need help on dealing with this dis-ease in your body, please feel free to Consult Us and your physician to determine when it’s safe to remove medications, we can provide list of foods we recommend and hygiene products that are safe to use)
    • The next step is to work on making sure your expelling organs are functioning properly. The colon, the kidneys and the skin. This is done with the help of herbal remedies. (we can provide these compounds)
    • The next step is to cleanse the vitals organs. These are the organs in your GI track. This includes the liver, pancreas and the gallbladder. we cleanse the glands and replenish lost minerals, We also cleanse the colon with all natural alkaline herbal remedies. (we provide this compounds).
    • Next step, we purify, cleanse and replace iron in the blood with the use of alkaline herbs that are mainly rich with iron and blood purifier.
    • The next step is to address the area which the most acidosis is present, e.g the colon, breast, ovary e.t.c. This is done with the use of herbal remedies that have cleansing properties that are capable of pulling the acids out of the particular organ or tissue affected.
    • We also recommend juice fasting using all alkaline home made juices. E.g tamarind, seeded grapes, soursop, seeded watermelon e.t.c especially while under treatment.
    • Mineral deficiencies are another reason why the body breaks down and not able to function properly, alkaline herbs, plants, sea weeds and fruits are dense in minerals which are vital to the body. Maintaining the body with these foods is essential for optimum health.
  • This is a ballpark of the process that we follow and recommend. Some cases might require a little different approach due to the fact that the body is full of chemistry and people have different DNA make ups and health history and medications being taken has to be put in consideration while addressing chronic illnesses.
  • This is the reason why therapeutic packages for individuals is necessary. Some people start seeing results almost instantly when they start on a holistic approach while others might take a while.
  • Chemotherapy is an approached used to target the cells around the affected area. This is through using chemical medications that kills the affected cells, radiation is also used to target and burn these cells. The problem with this is that it does not use a holistic approach which is to identify the reason there was a problem to begin with, it does not safely eliminate the affected cells (they use chemicals that has deadly side effects) and lastly the use of radiation does not differentiate between healthy and cancerous cells, it burns everything.
  • Most experts are concluding that chemotherapy kills more people than cancer.
    To protect yourself from extreme acidosis (chronic illnesses including cancer) one needs to bring back a balance that is needed for the body to be in harmony.
  • Regular detoxing, proper hydration, proper oxygenation and proper nutrition (eating alkaline foods and removing acid forming foods) is necessary.
  • Exercise and outdoor activities helps with the proper intake of oxygen.

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    Health Utensils


    ‼️Coated non-stick cooking pots and pans‼️;

    Over the past five decades scientists from DuPont, government, and academia have published studies documenting temperatures at which non-stick cookware coatings begin to break apart, off-gassing chemicals and particulate matter into the air.

    At Upendo Foods And Herbs, we guide our clients on the best health utensils for lasting health. Get in touch for more clarity.

  • Dealing with multiple cases of polymer fume fever in their workers, DuPont scientists conducted a series of studies beginning in the 1950s to identify the toxic components from heated Teflon, killing birds and rats in efforts to understand the potency of the gases and particles.
  • Studies show that thermal degradation of Teflon leads to the slow breakdown of the fluorinated polymer and the generation of a litany of toxic fumes including TFE (tetrafluoroethylene), HFP (hexafluoropropene), OFCB (octafluorocyclobutane), PFIB (perfluoroisobutane), carbonyl fluoride, CF4 (carbon tetrafluoride), TFA (trifluoroacetic acid), trifluoroacetic acid fluoride, perfluorobutane, SiF4 (silicon tetrafluoride), HF (hydrofluoric acid), and particulate matter.
  • At least four of these gases are extremely toxic – PFIB, which is a chemical warfare agent 10 times more toxic than phosgene (COCl2, a chemical warfare agent used during World Wars I and II), carbonyl fluoride (COF2 which is the fluorine analog of phosgene), MFA (monofluoroacetic acid) which can kill people at low doses, and HF, a highly corrosive gas.
    The lowest temperature at which nonstick coatings have been reported to kill birds in a peer-reviewed study is 396°F (202°C).
  • In May 1998, poultry researchers at the University of Missouri recorded 52 percent mortality in 2400 chicks within three days of the birds being placed into floor pens with new PTFE-coated heat lamp bulbs.
  • After ruling out bacterial infections like E. Coli and Salmonella, or toxic gases such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, the scientists finally linked the chick deaths to offgas products from the PTFE-coated bulbs.
  • All of the chicks examined after death had lung lesions and moderate to severe pulmonary ede. Many gases are also evolved when Teflon is heated. Heated to temperatures between 680 and 1112°F (360 to 600°C), Teflon generates TFE.
  • This chemical is one of 174 chemicals that the National Toxicology Program considers to be reasonably anticipated human carcinogens. Teflon heated to between 680 and 1202°F (360 and 650°C) will also generate HFP. Carbonyl fluoride, COF2, a toxic gas and the fluorinated cousin of the chemical warfare agent phosgene, is emitted from Teflon that is heated between 824°F and 1292°F.
  • In one case of human polymer fume a case in which a person developed polymer fume fever about one hour after a non-stick pan overheated. Five cockatiels in the house died within 30 minutes.
  • In another case, a healthy 26-year-old woman went to the hospital complaining of difficult breathing, chest tightness and cough after being exposed to toxic fumes coming from a defective microwave oven part: a melted and scorched Teflon block used as an axle for a rotating platform in the oven.
  • At the hospital, doctors noted that her heart was racing, and she had high blood pressure, increased white blood cell count (leukocytosis) and was breathing heavily. An X-ray showed she had “diffuse pulmonary infiltrate.” Her lung function was still abnormal a month later.
  • This woman’s two pet parakeets died within minutes of being exposed to the Teflon fumes.
  • Better healthier options are:

  • Glass Stainless steel Ceramic
  • Clay Cast iron
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    The Thyroid Gland

    The Thyroid Gland

    The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that sits low on the front of the neck. Your thyroid lies below your Adam’s apple, along the front of the windpipe. The thyroid has two side lobes, connected by a bridge (isthmus) in the middle.

    The thyroid gland is a vital hormone gland: It plays a major role in the metabolism, growth and development of the human body. It helps to regulate many body functions by constantly releasing a steady amount of thyroid hormones into the bloodstream.

    It helps to regulate many body functions by constantly releasing a steady amount of thyroid hormones into the bloodstream. If the body needs more energy in certain situations – for instance, if it is growing or cold, or during pregnancy – the thyroid gland produces more hormones.

    The thyroid gland produces three hormones;

    Iodine Absorption & Utilization;

    Iodine is one of the main building blocks of both hormones. Our bodies canʼt produce this trace element, so we need to get enough of it in our diet or natural food supplements.

    Iodine is absorbed into our bloodstream from food in our bowel. It is then carried to the thyroid gland, where it is eventually used to make thyroid hormones. Sometimes our bodies need more thyroid hormones, and sometimes they need less. To make the exact right amount of hormones, the thyroid gland needs the help of another gland: the pituitary gland.

    The pituitary gland “tells” the thyroid gland whether to release more or less hormones into the bloodstream. Also, a certain amount of thyroid hormones are attached to transport proteins in the blood. If the body needs more hormones, T3 and T4 can be released from the proteins in the blood and do their job. The third hormone produced by the thyroid gland is called calcitonin. Calcitonin is made by C-cells. It is involved in calcium and bone metabolism.

    An overactive thyroid (also known as hyperthyroidism) occurs if the thyroid gland makes too many hormones. An underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) is where the gland does not make enough hormones. Both of these imbalances can lead to a great number of symptoms.

    Hyperthyroidism symptoms;

    Hypothyroidism symptoms;

    Herbs to treat an overactive thyroids include;

    Herbs to treat under-active thyroids include;

    At Upendo Foods And Herbs, we value serving your with dignity, we have these products in stock to help you overcome your challenging conditions, feel free to shop from our products or contact us here.