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Alkaline Juicing

  • Its important to first highlight the fact that Alkaline Juice fasting is quite different from the other types of juice fasting usually undertaken. This is specifically due to the emphasis on natural, seeded fruits and vegetables grown organically and that have a desirable origin (i.e. they should not be genetically modified at any point in time).
  • That being said the alkaline Juice fast is the ultimate way to get at your health goals and also ideal as an alternative therapy.

Benefits of Alkaline  Juice fasting.

  1. Desirable weight loss
  2. Glowing skin
  3. Healthy Gut
  4. Improves bowel movement
  5. Reduces inflammation
  6. Improves mental health
  7. Boosts immunity
  • That being said during the duration of the fast one must also be cognizant that the body will go through some stress as we change our usual style of eating. This results in what experts call Detox symptoms .The most common detox symptoms include:
  1. Detox headache
  2. Lethargy(Feeling weak)
  3. Hunger Pangs
  4. Dehydration
  • When you’re participating in a detox activity, it’s common to experience the above. Detox headaches are often caused by your body’s reaction to missing a chemical, such as sugar or caffeine, that was habitually present. This may result in: A reduction in circulating hormones. In addition to this toxins such as chemical food additives or drugs do also  leach into your circulation to be eliminated. Lastly a release of energy from tension and stress also contributes to these symptoms .
  • To ensure that you are able to mitigate them and prevent them while doing an alkaline juice fast ensure you implement the following:
    1. Drink Plenty of Spring Water
    2. Ensure each smoothie has seamoss powder
    3. Take deep breaths and ensure rooms  are  well ventilated in terms of air circulation .
    4. Take breaks while using the computer screens .
    5. Use Herbal teas recommended during the juice fast like the Blue vervain or Iron tea.
    6. Drinking Coconut water(madafu).
    7. Use Baobab in your Fruit salad during day 1 & 2
    8. Drink one glass of Tamarind juice once a day to detoxify the system.
    9. Use a Vital pack during the Juice fast .
    10. Do not overwork during a juice fast
  • This should ensure you feel the full benefits of the juice fast and are on your way to being even healthier. We love you!